12 Christmas lego sets magical ideas for enthusiasts 2022

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Christmas lego sets

Our list of Christmas lego sets will help inspire you with lego gift ideas for the holidays. With over 1,000 lego sets for sale, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. So we have curated a list of lego Christmas ideas to help you decide how to delight your lego enthusiast. Every year lego issues new sets so keep ahead of the game with our comprehensive list.

Christmas Lego Sets for 2022

As soon as the Christmas Lego Sets for 2022 are released, we will showcase them here!

Other Christmas Lego Sets

The Creator Village sets and the Advent Calendars are very popular and often sell out fast. So why not try these other Christmas Lego Sets?

Brickheadz Reindeer, Elf and Elfie Toy 40353
Part of the Brickheadz range of lego toys this features a Reindeer, Elf and Eflie that come with baseplates so that the figures can be displayed for future Christmases. There is also a buildable north pole and a post box. How about giving this as a Lego Christmas Stocking Stuffer?

Lego Advent Calendars 2021

The Lego Advent Calendars have 24 windows to open, each with a small lego build. And unlike the more complex Lego sets these are very affordable. What a fabulous way to countdown to Christmas Day.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2021 76390
A game, 6 mini figures and 24 lego builds all in one place. Widely viewed as the best harry Potter Advent Calendar yet, this cute set features Harry, Ron, Hermione as well as Draco Molfroy, Dudley Dursley and Griphook. This will help build Christmas excitement every day.
Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 75307
This advent calender features buildable Star Wars elements from The Mandalorian Season 2. Builds include vehicles such as an Imperial Light Cruiser and The Razor Crest. As with all lego advent calendars there are 24 builds, one for each day of advent.
Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar 2021 76196
This advent calendar includes 7 mini figures: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Thor, Marvel, Thanos and Nick Fury. This particular advent calendar is considered highly collectible and is great fun to play with. A great Advent Christmas Lego Set.
Friends Advent Calendar 2021 41690
This cute Christmas Lego Set for girls comes with 5 lego friends micro dolls; Olivia, Mia, Stephanie, Andrea and Emma. It also has some lovely builds including a piano, a sledge and snowmobile. The box folds down to give a scene to play with the builds in. Fabulous!

Christmas Creator Village Lego Sets By Year

Why not start a Christmas lego collection for the lego enthusiast in your family? Every year since 2009 Lego has released a new Creator Village set so there are now 13 sets to build into a collection.

Lego Creator Winter Village Santa's Visit 10293
Santa's Visit of 2021 is the 13th release in the Lego Winter Village Collection and features a charming house with all of the elements assocaited with a visit from Santa. There are four mini figures, Dad, Mom, girl and Santa to help create cozy Santa scenes. As with all of this series it is a challenging build and a fantastic lego holiday gift.
Lego Creator Winter Village Elf House 10275
Released in 2020, the Elf Club House gives an opportunity to build a quaint house with everything the elves need. There is a waffle machine, a triple decker bed and even a sleighport. As with all of the Creator Lego gifts, once constructed this will make a lovely display piece for Christmases into the future.
Lego Creator Winter Village Gingerbread House 10267
Released for Christmas 2019 this gorgeous Gingerbread House is rammed full of cute details. There are 3 lego figures to live in this candy-styled house. From the candy-cane columns on the exterior to the chocolate bed there are details to delight every lego enthusiast. This is one of the most popular Christmas legos.
Lego Creator Winter Village Fire Station 10263
This fabulous lego set includes a 2 level Fire Station, a fire truck, ice skating rink and a Christmas tree as the main elements. In addition there are 6 mini fire fighter figures. As usual there are loads of small charming details that will enthral young lego builders.
Lego Creator Winter Village Station 10259
The Lego Village Station works well with the Holiday Train (10254). The set contains a station building, level crossing and a bus. Cute details include a coffee shop, a ticket counter and mini figures; bus driver, barrista, Grandmother, child and ticket agent.
Lego Creator Winter Village Holiday Train 10254
This fabulous lego set will fascinate children as they build a train and the tracks for it to run on. The set has 734 pieces and includes a locomotive, caboose and 5 mini figures; a locomotive driver, ticket collector, grandmother and boy and girl. Once built this set will give hours of imaginative fun.
Lego Creator Winter Village Santa's Workshop 10245
This lovely Christmas lego set is packed full of features. Santa's workshop comes with a beautiful sleigh, 4 Reindeer, a baby Reindeer and a Chritmas tree. There is a cute toy-making machine and a conveyor belt while the workshop itself has loads of detail including stained glass windows.

We hope that you found some gift ideas in our list of Christmas Lego Sets that will work well for your friend or relative (even the difficult ones). Find out about new lists as they are published by following us on Pinterest. Want to find out more about us? Please read here.

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