9 Gifts for Piano Players Epic Ideas to Tickle their Ivories

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gifts for piano players

Buying gifts for piano players can be tricky, so our list is written by a piano player with 45 years of experience. We suggest gifts for beginner piano players as well as some funny gifts for piano players of all ages. Whether its Christmas or birthday we have a range of ideas to suit every budget. Delight your piano playing friend today!

Top 5 Gifts for Piano Players

Mechanical Metronome
Keeping a consistent tempo while playing a musical instrument can be difficult, especially for new piano players. A metronome will produce a steady click to help pianists keep time. This metronome comes in a choice of five colors and is calibrated for a variety of tempos. No batteries are required as this has a wind up mechanism. A practical piano gift for your musical friend.
The Really Useful Piano Chord Bundle
This is a fabulous piano gift for all players. For beginners these posters will help to visualise chord progressions for all of the 24 major and minor keys. For more advanced players this gift will give a handy aid when practising the more obscure keys. C# major anyone?
'This is a sharp not a hashtag' Mug
How true! Its so frustrating for us musicians that the sharp # has been taken over by social media. So this funny piano gift is sure to amuse any musician. This affordable gift would be perfect for a stocking stuffer or an idea for gifts for piano teachers.
88 Keys 10 Fingers No Problem Hoodie
A practical funny gift for pianists and keyboard players. This cotton mix sweatshirt is a cool idea for young painists and even for piano teachers. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is made of a cotton mix. It is one of the affordable gifts for piano players.
Lego Grand Piano
This is our favorite of the best gifts for piano players. It comes in at number 5 because it isn't cheap, but with 3,662 pieces it will be a fabulous challenge and a permanent keepsake for your pianist friend. And the most amazing thing about this cool gift for piano players is that once constructed you can actually play it!

Personalized Gifts for Piano Players

We love a personalized gift, they show forethought and are usually adored by their recipients.

Personalized Piano Blanket
This fabulous blanket measures 50 x 60 inches and comes with the option to personalize with the name of your friend or relative. The design is bright and cheerful, sure to warm anyone on a cold winter's day. It could be used for piano practice, picnics, snoozing or watching TV. A lovely personalized piano gift.

Gifts for Beginner Piano Players

Beginner Classical Piano Music
As recommended by Rolling Stone magazine. This book and video streaming course will guide any beginner pianst through some of the greats of classical music, like Dvorak's New World Symphony or Beethoven's Fur Elise. Buy this gift for the beginner piano player and you will greatly expand their repertoire of beloved piano classics and improve their piano technique, creativity, and understanding of music.

Gifts for Young Piano Players

If you can inspire young people to play the piano as young as possible then they may have a passion for playing for life. These gifts for young piano players will help to channel young players to learn and improve by making the piano fun.

Electronic Keyboard Playmat
Start your child's piano journey with this cute electronic keyboard playmat. There are 8 colorful keys with pawprints that make different animal sounds or music. Your kid can dance or play the playmat and it will help develop creativity and cognitive skills.
Learn to Play Piano
As your toddler develops this is a great gift to introduce the piano. This piano features 25 keys and 2 full octaves so gives a better range than toys with only a few keys. It is colorful and comes with a color coded songbook. And bonus - this is a very robust toy for those kids who love to bang on the keys!

We hope that you found some gift ideas in our list of gifts for piano players that will work well for your friend or relative (even the difficult ones). Find out about new lists as they are published by following us on Pinterest. Want to find out more about us? Please read here.

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