7 Polar Bear Gifts Sure to Enchant Any Animal Lover

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polar bear gifts

Use our list of polar bear gifts to find the perfect gift for your wildlife-loving friend. Polar Bears are large majestic marine animals that live in the Arctic. They face many threats to their habitats due to global warming. So buying a polar bear gift will help to bring awareness to these wonderful animals.

Top 5 Polar Bear Gifts

Melissa & Doug Giant Polar Bear
This cuddly polar bear is adorable. While this is aimed at kids, we think it suits polar bear lovers of all ages. At nearly 3 feet long this really is a statement gift, hence is our favorite polar bear gift!
Hush Little Polar Bear: A Picture Book
This fabulously cute book follows a baby polar bear on his travels from one place to another. It would make a lovely bed-time story book as the text is gentle and will help send kids to sleep. And possibly adults as well!
Polar Bear Activity Mat
This idea is one of the great polar bear gifts for newborns and babies. The Polar Bear head will support baby while they have tummy time so this gift is great for baby development. It comes with a mirror and other toys to keep baby entertained. And it will make them fond of polar bears from a young age!
Polar Bear Cub on The Back of Mother Figurine
This gorgeous figurine features a Mother Polar Bear with a cute cub on her back. It stands at 10.63 inches tall and would make a lovely addition to any polar bear lover's life.
Polar Bear Cushion Cover
This cute cushion cover features two polar bears booping their noses together and a red love heart between them. It is made of cotton linen and fits cushions measuring 18 x 18 inches. This lovely cushion cover will add fun to anyone's couch.

Polar Bear Books

Ice Walker: A Polar Bear's Journey Through the Fragile Arctic
From bestselling author James Raffan comes an enlightening and original story about a polar bear’s precarious existence in the changing Arctic. He asks us to consider what might be done about this fragile world before it is gone for good. Masterful, vivid, and haunting, Ice Walker is an utterly unique piece of creative nonfiction and a deeply affecting call to action. A fabulous polar bear gift for an adult interested in the impacts of climate change.
National Geographic Kids Mission: Polar Bear Rescue
And one of the polar bear gifts for the kids - inspiring young animal lovers to get up close to the big bears of the Arctic and the real-life challenges they face. Kids are introduced to real-life polar bears to learn about their world in more detail―their habitats, challenges, and successes―in order to take action and help save these amazing endangered creatures. If you are keen to educate kids about polar bears then this is a great option.

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